Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things
that escape those who dream only at night.

Edgar Allan Poe

2016-05-12: Had some downtime, but server is running again. Unfortunately I currently do not have much spare time for IT stuff... :(

2014-06-02: Uploaded several advisories with issues in SEO Panel 3.4.0.

2014-04-17: Three advisories aboud issues in Freehelpdesk 2.4 uploaded.

2014-02-12: Advisory about a hash complexit DoS in Jansson 2.5.

2014-02-10: Added advisory about XSS in Webtrees 1.5.1.

2014-02-06: Added Jira to the JavaFP database, but with the stacktraces tested so far, it seems the versions do not differ enough to be useful.

2014-01-22: Added an advisory about multiple issues in Web Video Streamer.

2014-01-21: Added Apache MyFaces to the JavaFP database.
2013-12-26: JavaFP is online. JavaFP is a database which allows to fingerprint javastacktraces to determine the version of the applications or frameworks throwing the stacktrace. Please bear with the slow server ;)

2013-12-26: New XSS Froxlor 0.9.30 and earlier.

2013-12-04: New XSS in Novius OS 2.3.

2013-11-27: Added an XSS advisory for ganglia-web.

2013-10-23: Uploaded an advisory for an XSS in ldap-account-manager 4.3 and earlier.

2013-10-09: I didn't have a website for quite some time, but noticed I need a place to dump the stuff I do in my spare time. Since I am currently commuting to work quite a lot, there is some time to fill.